Top 10 Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers USA Must Try


Are you starting a new venture for dropship clothing USA? The key to a successful dropship clothing store is to get suitable dropshipping partner suppliers in the USA.

Why it’s important to choose US dropshippers for selling online? First of all, mostly the dropshipper in the USA has their own warehouses to stock clothing products. Then, they can deliver the clothing to customers more fasters and safe. Secondly, by working with USA clothing dropshipping suppliers, all clothing products are labeled with Made in USA tag. And these products guarantee quality.

Thirdly, US apparel dropshipping suppliers can offer you the latest trends for women, men, and kids. Other benefits include high margins and good customer service.

In this article, we’ll explain how to find dropshipping suppliers from the USA. After that, we’ll share the top 10 dropshipping suppliers for you.

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How do I find dropshipping apparel suppliers in the USA?

Top 10 dropshipping suppliers USA clothing
  1. Tasha Apparel
  2. Bloom Dropship
  3. A4 Apparel
  4. BrandsGateway
  5. CC Wholesale Clothing
  6. Apliiq
  7. Clothes2order
  8. My Online Fashion Store
  9. Nordstrom
  10. Royal Apparel

Tips to find dropshipping clothing suppliers the US?

There are various key points to finding clothing dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

The simplest and easiest way is to google the manufacturers or distributors of clothing based on your requirement that offer drop shipping services. it could be consuming a lot of time to find dropshipping suppliers for clothing in the USA. And it will be risks of poor quality, unauthorized brand, unreasonable clothing cost, etc.

Either you can find reliable partner companies for dropshipping in the USA. This way you will be in contact with them and they will take you in the loop with trustworthy clothing vendors in the USA. Meanwhile, they greatly manage your dropship clothing business.

List of Top 10 dropshipping clothing suppliers USA

Now, find below the list of USA clothing dropshipping suppliers and find the suitable one for your online business.


1-Tasha Apparel

This supplier provides dropshipping business owners and distributors with fashionable clothing. It asserts to collaborate with legitimate fashion and apparel producers and designers in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.  And it is able to give discounts ranging from 50% to 80% on all of its wholesale clothing items.

Tops, jeans, skirts, dresses, plus-size apparel, jackets, sweaters, and other items are all part of its clothing lines.


2-Bloom Dropship

Women’s fashion clothing wholesale dropship reseller Bloom Dropship is based in the USA. This Los Angeles fashion district hub is home to this US wholesale clothes retailer.

The clothing is purchased directly from LA producers and designers. Along with the nearly 20,000 fashionable products already in stock, Bloom Dropship regularly sends out new goods. Additionally, it sends fashion items bearing your boutique brand directly to buyers.


3-A4 Apparel

Are you looking for USA dropship sporting clothes suppliers? A4 Apparel can then provide you with a vast assortment of fashionable outerwear and sportswear for both men and women. You can dropship apparel for a variety of sports, including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

The USA served as the company’s main location. All of the sportswear that is sold on this dropshipping website in the USA is stored in California and Missouri, including shorts, warm-ups, shooter shirts, and other items. As a result, it can guarantee that the apparel will be delivered in 2 days to 80% of US continental areas.



BrandsGateway is a reliable option for luxury fashion dropshippers in the USA. It facilitates the dropshipping of apparel from brands like Armani, DAIZY SHELY, Dolce & Gabbana, GIVENCHY, Greenhouse Polo, and others. More than 1,000 apparel enterprises from all around the world have used it up until this point.

More than 90,000 items of apparel and other accessories from high-end fashion labels are available on BrandsGateway. Additionally, there is no minimum purchase requirement for apparel dropshipping orders.

It is also simple to interface with Shopify and Woocommerce stores thanks to this US provider. This enables you to quickly upload the apparel product catalog, synchronize inventory, and complete orders.

5-CC Wholesale Clothing

Dropshipping wholesale apparel from the USA is the aim of CC Wholesale Clothing, which was founded in Los Angeles in 2009. It focuses on presenting standard clothing and plus-size clothing in the newest fashion, pattern, and design. This US-based dropship vendor also sells jewelry, shoes, cosmetic products, and other items besides garments.

The best part is that there is no upper-order quantity restriction for dropshipping clothing. Additionally, orders with a significant volume can be discounted well. It can produce an average shipping time of five days in terms of delivery.


California is the home of the clothing and fabric producer Apliiq. It focuses on creating incredible streetwear for dropshipping. Its extensive clothing line includes joggers, pocket tees, printed tees, beanies, hoodies, and snapbacks. In dropshipping apparel USA, there is no established minimum order quantity.

Additionally, Apliiq enables one-click connections to clothes retailers using Shopify and WooCommerce. Employing premium woven labels aid internet retailers in developing their apparel businesses.


The selection of premium printed and embroidered clothing items at Clothes2order is vast. T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sportswear, hi-vis, sweatshirts, and other items are among its best-selling categories.

Additionally, there is no minimum order quantity needed to dropship any of its premium clothing items. And it’s wonderful to offer specific discounts on large purchases of personalized apparel for dropshipping from the USA.

8-My Online Fashion Store

Think about My Online Fashion Store if you intend to dropship women’s clothing from the USA. In a warehouse in Los Angeles, California, the company has over 5000 types of clothes on hand. Once a week, it continues to add more than 100 new items of trendy clothing.

Additionally, it purchases apparel directly from US local clothing makers. As a result, it can guarantee a lower price for dropshipping than other US wholesale suppliers. Additionally, it offers all dropship partners a free returns service.


Nordstrom, a US dropship supplier for clothing, accessories for pets, jewelry, cosmetics, and other items, was founded in 1901. You can get clothing for girls, young adults, men, kids, plus-size ladies, and more in its clothing fashion catalog.

All clothing items are kept in the company’s Seattle warehouse. So, you may anticipate quick and affordable delivery rates as well as efficient product returns for your US customers.

10-Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is your last choice of US clothes drop shippers. This dropshipping retailer specializes in offering stylish and cozy clothing items. And all of the clothing is American-made. Even better, it offers free shipping on drop shipping orders made from the US that total more than $250.


Is American dropshipping permitted?

Naturally, dropshipping is entirely legal in the United States. The assumption is that you sell lawful goods and observe all applicable rules and regulations. First, create a business license in accordance with local regulations. Second, take note of the tax. You may always use online accounting software to monitor your accounts, but when it comes to taxes, it could be wiser to speak with a tax attorney and accountant.


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